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Thousands of job seekers have attended our Annual Diversity Job Fairs and met face to face with employers, recruiters and human resource managers. You can also utilize our online job board to search thousands of job openings in Customer Service, Administration, Management, Sales, Telecommunications, Retail, Purchasing, Finance & Accounting, Warehouse & Production, Hospitality, Medical & Healthcare, Security & Protection, Information Technology, Agriculture, Engineering, Education, Media & Entertainment, Banking and MORE! Through partnerships with the leading Recruiters & HR Managers we have an abundance of job opportunities and listing. All job listings are refreshed daily, so you can always check back to find the latest jobs. Sign up for Job Alerts  to receive top job postings near you.

Our Current Career Services Solutions

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  • Global Annual Diversity Job Fairs

  • Professional Resume Writing

  • Career Services Consulting

  • Online Job Board Services

  • Career Readiness Workshops

  • Interview Preparation Consultation

  • Job Fair Success Workshops

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